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Yuri, like all teenagers admitted to the school, is a student who is to undergo the curriculum designed to help them move on from regrets in their life.

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After that, she began to question life in a deeper manner.

Why did her siblings have to die when they were just innocent children?

Yuri drags Hinata, a newly-admitted student to the Afterlife School, to her plans of luring God, which is her primary mission.

Although she presents an inhumane approach to attain what she wants, she reconsiders her plans by Hinata's request.

Unfortunately, they couldn't find where the family's valuables were, so they turned to Yuri, the eldest, to take them to the family's prized possessions.

They required she bring them valuables or else they would kill off her siblings at ten-minute intervals.

Yuri wasn't sure which items were particularily valuable, and fell while carrying a large vase down a flight of stairs.

She wasted too much time and the robbers ended up murdering all her siblings.

Indicating she could have been in this afterlife for over 40 years because she is quite young.

Yuri possesses the traits of a charismatic leader, as her determination and her ability to stay calm even in difficult situations always earns her the respect of the rest of the SSS at the end of the day.

Occasionally, she lets out a large haughty, ojou-sama-esque laugh whenever events go her way. Her nickname is "Yurippe", a nickname suggested by Hinata because his mother has the same name and he felt strange calling her that.

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