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So for the past week or so, whenever I open the app I get the pop-up "Cannot sync with..." and have the options to "Try again" or "Play offline." Every time I tried again, it wouldn't work and would immediately kick me back to that pop-up.So I'd just pick to play offline and figured it would eventually connect and sync and sort itself out.

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Again if your profile is public then you can see friends, games and achievements.

This has taken me over a year (on and off) to code and is now in public beta.

I guess I'll try it then and hope for the best, although I don't see how it'll keep my progress the same as where it's at now. So after downloading a second windows update today, I opened the app and it magically synced successfully. So I tried leveling up to level 81 and still no achievement.

Checked the Xbox app and it shows I'm at level 81 now like it should.

It says at the bottom of the True Achievements website that they are a member of the Xbox LIVE Community Developer Program.

That leads me to believe that the XCDP does give information about achievements.If you're looking at a friends profile and if you don't have the game or have unlocked the achievement the icon will be monochromatic even if it's unlocked by that person.Wap Spot is the fastest youtube video downloader site that you can search alot of videos, songs, audio.To date it has served nearly 2,000 requests and growing.I am still working on optimising this script and it should only get better in time.Unless I can get official access with XCDP, it looks like I'll have to do screen scraping.

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