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because I can't get them out of my mind" ..questions similar, and so I wanted to help you all understand, when a relationship is right for you & when it could be wrong... Without a doubt,this is a relationship that will change your life.

A very deep soul attraction, an instant "Knowing" of your fate, an uplifting of spirit and a surge of energy from within . This is important,because if this is not true, you have found a "Karmic relationship" which is completely different.

Oh yes,there are actually many that can enter your life!

Again,you may have been through a period of being alone,and suddenly you are met face to face with your life partner- (which happened to me by surprise!

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A Soul-Mate can be same sex, or even a best friend .

You may never have a physical relationship with them,but the love and depth of connection between you, will last a lifetime.

There are all types of Soul-Mates in relationships.

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