Windows xp constantly updating

(It will, however, occasionally ask me if I want to "try" it's professional version as a download, which, of course, is not free).

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At present i have had no problems with Windows Microsoft 7 x64 but as Windows 8 and 8,1 have been released, I don't know how long my support fot Windows 7 will last!

The chances that the Windows updates service been hijacked are extremely slim.

I still have an old XP system that I rarely use - just a couple of obsolete peripherals - and I still get three types of updates.1.

The Microsoft Security Essentials signature files - I believe MS agreed to continue these until April 2015.2.

If that's true, why am I getting what appear to be legitimate updates that try to install when I shut down my computer running XP?

I've had about 4 attempts since May, the last one in October."*The Malicious Software Removal Tool will continue to be provided for Windows XP through July 14, 2015; it will also continue to be delivered automatically via Windows Update and for download via the Download Center."If you are using Win XP, and you use the blue button, you get the Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows XP-32-bit page and the big red Download button gets you the current version of the MSRT.The quoted paragraph should answer your theories... I got one update for Malicious Software Removal Tool, and several updates for Office 2007 when I ran Windows Update.Even if they were, Microsoft doesn't release updates that "have not really been tested". The operating systems are too different to be able to support this.The programmers at Microsoft are able to handle feeding updates to multiple operating systems without overlap.I don't allow them to install because I think someone has highjacked the Windows installation site and might be installing malware or a virus on my computer. I thought Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP?!

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