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After both groups broke up, he ventured to found another band called Mad Porno Action, or simple MPA.

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Zacky also launched a series of clothing under the brand “Vengeance University”, and it includes belts, hoodies, and T-shirts.

He cooperates with such labels as Good Life Recordings, Hopeless, and Warner Bros.

Then, the group started to gain popularity and win its fans since it has not stopped coming up with new hits.

The group also took advantage of their brand, and they, in particular Zacky Vengeance, produce specifically tailored guitars.

He taught himself how to play the guitar when he was 13 Alongside playing for A7X,zacky released a clothing line called "vengeance university.

The line currently features t-shirts,hoodies,bandanas,..they all include his trademark"Est.6661" or "Z.

U." Zachary has a sister named Zina Baker which is now Zina Pacheco.

She has two children, Gianna and Gavin, Zackys only niece and nephew.

Baker came up with his stage name "Zacky Vengeance" because he wanted to get back at all the people whom doubted his success . He taught himself how to play the guitar when he was thirteen.

He also came up with Johnny's stage name "Johnny Christ" because he said it was suiting for him. Vengeance was also responsible for the creation of the acronym "A7X".

Dressed in the patented graphic tees and tattoos, this beautiful looking man, symbolizes Goth meets metalcore, to eternity.

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