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Promising himself he would return to Africa after his studies, he then moved to Ghent, Belgium to study Tropical Animal Husbandry, specialising in Tropical Fish Farming.

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In 1887, he became the first head of the USGS division of volcanic geology. Alexandre-Henri Mouhot was a French naturalist and explorer of the interior of Siam, Cambodia and Laos (1858-61).

He is remembered for his reports of the ruins of Angkor, capital of the ancient Khmer civilization of Cambodia.

This second apprenticeship allowed him to discover the Galapagos Islands, and soon after he moved there permanently to work as a Naturalist Guide and Expedition Leader for 10 years.

Since 2003, Pierre has lectured and worked within the travel industry.

Protected by a lack of wind and rain, the figures are hundreds of feet long best seen from the air. His original sets, marketed as "Mechanics Made Easy" produced in a rented room, were initially sold at only one Liverpool toy shop.

She investigated the Nazca lines from a mathematical point of view. By 1908, he had formed his company, Meccano Ltd., and within five more years had established manufacturing in France, Germany, Spain and the U. He introduced Hornby model trains in 1920, originally clockwork and eventually electrically powered with tracks and scale replicas of associated buildings.Her duties were expanded and she was put in charge of dozens of young women hired to do mathematical computations (as now done by computers). German neurologist who related nerve diseases to specific areas of the brain.Interested in psychiatry, traditionally he studied anatomy initially and neuropathology later.Death at age 95 interrupted her new mathematical calculations: the possibility that the lines predicted cyclical natural phenomena like El Nino, a weather system that for centuries has periodically caused disastrous flooding along the Peruvian coast. British metallurgist, internationally known for his work on the formation of alloys and intermetallic compounds. The "Dinky" range of miniature cars and other motor vehicles was added in 1933.« French physical chemist and cowinner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903.During WW II, he supervised many government contracts for work on complex aluminium and magnesium alloys. His studies of radioactive substances were made together with his wife, Marie Curie, whom he married in 1895.The project includes the actual transcription of the forty Pièces de clavecin, completed with musical notation software, and a written commentary.

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