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The primary goals of Xml Lite are ease of use, performance, and standards compliance.Xml Lite works with any Windows language that can use dynamic link libraries (DLLs), but Microsoft recommends C .The DOM provides a variety of functions you can use to examine the contents and structure of the document.

Because Xml Lite is oriented towards optimum performance, it does not provide for document validation.

Validation via XSD schemas or DTDs is not supported.

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an official recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

It defines an interface that enables programs to access and update the style, structure, and contents of XML documents.

Usage scenarios can be generally divided into two categories: The focus of Xml Lite is on performance.

Therefore, Xml Lite is most appropriate in the second of the two scenarios.

XML parsers that support DOM implement this interface.

You should use a DOM parser when − When you parse an XML document with a DOM parser, you get back a tree structure that contains all of the elements of your document.

Xml Lite comes with all necessary support files for use with C , but if you want to use it with other languages, some additional work may be required.

Xml Lite works with various versions of the Microsoft C compiler, but the samples in the documentation have been validated only with the latest version of Visual Studio.

Here is the code for XML upload ,parse and validation.

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