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You don’t need any Visual Basic skills, but you do need to understand the basic fundamentals of Microsoft Excel charts.To create a self-updating chart, we first need to set up a spreadsheet that can supply the data we require.

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Then head to the Insert tab and select Table — alternatively, you can use the shortcut CTRL T.

In the Create Table dialog, you can tweak the cells included in the table.

The correct chart will depend on what kind of data you’re working with. This allows me to compare several different columns worth of data in one chart, and it works very well with automated updates.

Now is a good time to make any formatting changes or visual tweaks.

Above, you can see that I added a sales count of 10 for each book to prompt the chart to update.

You can now use the chart indefinitely, simply by adding more rows to the table.

In my example, as new sales data is recorded, you would add it to the spreadsheet starting in row 11.

Lay out your information, double-check that every column has a sensible header, and you’ll be ready for the next step..

Since my Date column dictates the values on the X-axis of my chart, I’ll start there.

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