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We recently found a third alternative while looking for a better way to mount our Escort Passport 8500 (see "Radar Love," Jan. The Vettequest Radar Detector Bracket provides a solid mounting base and places the detector right in the driver's line of sight.On top of that, you can still take your detector with you.The bracket should also work with the suction-cup mounting systems that come with most other radar detectors.

It's not a threat, so the auto learn blocks the specific radar frequency at that location. You can manually mark the location and block it, however.

With a built-in GPS and compatibility with the Escort Live app, the Beltronics Pro 500 has a comprehensive list of alert features and controls comparable to the best radar detectors.

The Pro 500 detects the three radar bands: X, K and Ka.

It's also a Lidar detector, which means it can alert you to laser guns.

The app is an excellent resource for receiving and sharing threats with other drivers.

One of the features the Pro 500 lacks is auto learn, which combines the data from digital signal processing with geographical locations by using the GPS.

If you repeatedly receive an alert in the same place, the processor learns to block it out.

For example, if you receive an alert every time you drive past a specific traffic light, it's probably because the light is using radar to analyze traffic flow.

Installation was a no-brainer on our C5 test subject (a '98 coupe) using a modified Escort suction cup mount.

(Editor's note: The bracket works great on C5s, but didn't fit the rearview mirror threads on an '87 coupe; it may work on later C4s).

Unlike other radar detectors with average grades, we couldn't find any common patterns of complaints.

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