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To start, it helps to think of hinges as being on an evolutionary curve.The earliest were quite simple, functional, and meant to be seen.

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Hoosier cabinets, those early 20th century must-have items for every well-outfitted kitchen, had their own style of decorative offset surface hinge (one where both sides of the hinge are usually surface-mounted), depending upon the company that made them.

Many of these are also available for purchase today, and they can sometimes be a good fit for retro kitchens as well.

Virtually all cabinet hinge styles, including the earliest, are now available with a self-closing feature.

And concealed cup hinges can be purchased to fit any style of cabinet door, including inset doors, as long as the right base plate is selected and the door can accommodate the depth needed to fit the cup.

Cabinets with lipped doors could be readily ordered in an array of sizes from millwork catalogs at the turn of the century.

These doors require an offset hinge, one that jogs around the edge of the lip in order for the door to lay flat.

Period-appropriate cabinets require traditional hinges—this we know.

But deciding which types of hinges best suit your old-house kitchen cabinets can be confusing.

Also known as a concealed cup hinge or a 35mm hinge (for the European system that developed it), these hinges consist of three parts: a base plate, an arm, and a cup.

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