Updating ati graphics driver

It is a bit more technical than this, but you most likely get the idea.

, just like every other piece of software out there, are prone to bugs from time to time.

This should, if you are lucky, tell you if your ATI Graphics Drivers are out of date.

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If you have a desktop or workstation computer: Before you can update the graphics driver, you need to know what kind of graphics card you have.

For more information about how to find out what graphics card you have in your PC, click here.

If you are using an ATI Graphics Driver then it is likely there is a piece of software on your computer which will really allow you to ‘fine tune’ the settings of your graphics card.

You will be able to find it by hitting the ‘start’ button in the left hand corner of the screen and typing ‘ATI’.

If you installed it yourself then this should not be too much of an issue.

If you did not and it came pre-installed then you can follow the following method: Once you have identified the drivers that you need then you will be able to head to the ATI website (this can be found at Whilst you can use other websites for downloading drivers it is not suggested.

The final method is to use a special piece of software such as Driver Turbo. This is the route that you need to go down if you want to make things as simple as possible.

We suggest always keeping your graphics drivers up-to-date.

Once you know the kind of graphics card you have, visit the manufacturer's website to download the latest driver.

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