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When discussing with Halifax Fraud dept person, They looked up who the request came from, and For MY Account it is from a "Dating Site", I HAve NEVER PAID Nor need a Dating Site, and NO-One else Ever has used my Laptop, I Just do not understand HOW they have been able to Get in to my account and withdraw funds. Web search I see some folk are £100's Down with Larger Daily OD fee's, Which are Also from this company CTBILL.

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But there is one disadvantage – people hide in front of the computer and can show us the different information, not the real, just to seem more beautiful. you are sure that a person tells you the truth, ask for a photo to send for you.

But take into consideration that a person may send you any photo from any period of his life. Mind that there may be emotionally unstable people.

The situation is that a person tells that he really likes you and wants to see you.

Then as he sees that you trust him, he starts asking for money.

Read the next stories and get know how to avoid to be scammed.

When we meet a person in real life, we watch at his appearance first. When you register there, you try to show your best. If a person sounds strange and you do not believe him at 100%, just ask him questions as much as you can.So, how could you really believe these people and be sure in their feelings? There can be simple not serious lies, but there are huge serious cases.If you were cheated on line on a dating site, don’t worry. One of the latest researches in the USA showed that usual visitors of dating sites spend more than 0 million on dating. To avoid them you should be aware of their peculiarities and the next will help you with that.Had this charge on my Halifax Account, £30.90 or .91.IF YOU HAVE SEEN CTBILL ON YOUR STATEMENTS, CONTACT YOUR BANK STRAIGHT AWAY. This “company” has been fraudulently charging my credit card..has taken me several days to try to correct this situation.Yours Sincerely, Peter To CTBILL Company I have recently noticed that your company has been taking money regularly from my bank account without my knowledge or permission.

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