Tomtom one problems updating

In France, the device performed well, although it was slightly slow in guiding us through some roundabouts that have as many as eight roads converging (I can't blame any GPS having a few problems with that scenario under reasonable speed).

Mountings The plastic suction mounting is robust and without any thin parts that can break.

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Suction is achieved by rotating a collar until it locks onto the windscreen.

It adheres very well and is almost impossible to dislodge unless the collar is released.

read more » The maps have plenty of errors, the speed camera locations have obvious locations missing, the interface is clunky and slow.

It seems that tomtom heavily relies on user input to correct the errors on their maps and thus leaving very little in reliability.

I bought my Go Live 2050 a few years ago and avoided map updates due to the cost and complexity of getting them.

I bought a map update subscription with 6 months free and it does not work. To make matters worse, the profile automatically changed my address from Australia to America.If you don't need world maps you would probably consider buying a cheaper model with as many of the features as you think are worth it.It was worth its weight in gold to us in western Europe because it constantly got us to the exact place we needed to go and we'd have been hopelessly lost without it.This GPS Tom Tom Go 2050 Live I have had now for 14 Months so I have had plenty Time to Test Well. is understatement as will give me traffic updates even in a small City Like Warrnambool, Victoria where needed so traffic side of this unit is certainly very very good to have.Traffic works from a sim card inside the unit so no tangling of external wires like years ago.Summary This GPS model is not cheap (0) because it's top of the range.

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