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"Blood feuds" were usually regulated by mediators according to the traditions, but towers were still necessary when things got out of control.

Those times of freedom/anarchy ended in the 19th century when the region got conquered by Russia.

Trail from Mestia to Ushguli is the most popular Georgian trek, but still only a little frequented by Western standards.

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The first one departs around a.m, after the arrival of the night train from Tbilisi, but there should be several others before noon. The trip takes about 3-4 hours (1-hour break included) and the price is usually 20 GEL per person.

From Tbilisi: In my opinion, the best option is the night train to Zugdidi and marshrutka from there.

Only in 2004, Georgian government sent an army to the area, busting the worst troublemakers.

And the rest quickly learned that there are other, more peaceful and sustainable strategies to get the tourist money.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Georgia fell into chaos and Svans temporarily gained de-facto an autonomy.

Svaneti got quite dangerous at this period - since there was virtually no police, some Svans turned to banditry and kidnappings.In 2004 started another era in the history of Svaneti.The government of Mikhail Saakashvili pledged to turn it into “Switzerland in the Caucasus”, world´s premium tourist destination and spent millions of dollars on the infrastructure and promotion. The road connecting region capital Mestia with the lowlands was rebuilt and currently it´s being prolonged all the way to Ushguli.Still, for nature lovers there are still enough places to see "unchanged" Svaneti.Most tourists are concentrated in Mestia, many make daytrips by jeeps to Ushguli but most of them are not interested in serious trekking.Train departs from Tbilisi at and reaches Zugdidi at am.

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