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In relation to nationality I'm a American Northwesterner, in politics I'm a reactionary, and as for religion I have none (I'm an atheist).

A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE Because so much of everyday experience is caused by our bodies and the reactions to them it seemed natural to create a site with a strong focus on a unique body type.

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), Intralocus sexual conflict over human height: Intralocus sexual conflict (IASC) occurs when a trait under selection in one sex constrains the other sex from achieving its sex-specific fitness optimum.

Selection pressures on body size often differ between the sexes across many species, including humans: among men individuals of average height enjoy the highest reproductive success, while shorter women have the highest reproductive success.

There’s a fair amount of social science and anecdata that tall males are more reproductively fit. Tall women will generally not pair up with shorter men.

More precisely, males one to two standard deviations above the norm in height seem to be at the “sweet spot” as an idealized partner (e.g., leading males). The question then has to be asked: why isn’t natural selection producing a situation where we’re all tall?

Tall guys are often stereotyped, idealized and even vilified.

Few gay dating sites allow users to search by height, so Tall was created to meet the needs of tall men and the men who love them.One would have to imagine modifier genes throwing out their net across the whole genome.It’s easy to imagine why being tall might entail fitness gains for a male. I suspect that on the extreme margin very tall women probably have lower fertility for hormonal reasons.I have suggested in the past that inter-population differences in height may be a function of expected levels of nutritional stress. The same dynamic could produce variation in height within populations as well.But a new paper outlines what I think I think is the most elegant solution (though elegant does not mean right!As it is, height is a highly heritable trait where there’s a lot of genetic variation present in the population.

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