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And while I’m at it: the “gentlemanly” compliment of “you have such a lovely face, you shouldn’t have to show off your body” isn’t going to win you any favors.

It just says “Yes, I stared at your boobs, but you should know I didn’t like it because I’m a Nice Guy.” If your compliment can be followed up with “m’lady…” then you need to rethink it. There are few things that women find more infuriating than the guy who assumes she’s an idiot.

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Compliment a cosplayer on how she put her costume together. Ask a good question about something in the photo, so she has something to respond to.

Spend even well – the people who know you well enough to read your tone in text.

But telling someone that she’s sexy is at best, surface. The composition, for example; the heavy leather furniture contrasted with the white robe and the red curtains convey a lush, even voluptuous sensuality.

It’s one thing for a woman to hear that she looks good from friends and intimates – people whose opinions she values. The way her pose directs the eye or the way the robe accentuates her figure or how her makeup brings out her eyes.

Almost every woman with a social media presence and pictures online has experienced thirsty guys wanting to talk about how she makes his penis feel.

Or the guys who precede trying to talk to women by going through her entire social media presence.

One of the most common questions I get from guys is “how do I get this woman on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to go out with me?

” Now, if you’ve been reading my column for long enough, you know how I feel about using Facebook to try to pick up women.

Or just sliding into a stranger’s DMs and expecting to get a date out of it.

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