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Distances are calculated at an average speed of 50kmph and you can find more information on driving on the island of Ireland here.

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The highest speed out of all the tests was 989.15Mbps, which was recorded in Ballon in Carlow.

This clearly demonstrates the progress that has been made so far in terms of quality broadband access, and the potential impact once the National Broadband Plan is rolled-out.

The hot spot: county-by-county data shows Dublin is the county with the fastest average broadband speed, at 44.85Mbps.

Longford is the slowest county, with an average broadband speed of 7.25Mbps, while of the 20 slowest areas, of which Wexford is one, four are in Cork, three are in Cavan, and there are two in Galway; 37 per cent of the total tests collected showed download speeds of less than 5Mbps, and the average speed across all speed tests taken in the period was 23.75Mbps.

Tucked in behind a reinstated street front, Wexford Opera House is HQ for the annual Wexford Festival Opera. Wander into one of the many restaurants around the town for harbour-fresh fish or an inviting café to snack on tea and warm scones.

Pre-book a behind-the-scenes tour or plan your visit around their annual programme. Refreshed, it’s time for a trip back in time to ancient Ireland.Commenting on the findings, Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of Switcher.ie, said the results from the speed test data highlight the digital divide in Ireland.Earlier this month, SIRO, the ESB-Vodafone joint venture, announced that Carnsore Broadband had become its fourth retailer partner, the latest example of SIRO enabling regional providers to compete with national broadband retailers by powering them with its 1 Gigabit broadband network.And yes, with the car parked up for the night, you can now enjoy that well-earned nightcap.Leaving Kilmore Quay, head east past the ruins of 13th-century Tintern Abbey towards the Hook Peninsula.The data suggests that as few as a quarter of households could be receiving speeds of 30Mbps or more, the minimum target set out in the National Broadband Plan: While there are some exceptions with much higher speeds, in County Wexford, we receive an average 14.20Mbps, less than half the minimum target, but compared to somewhere like Legan in Longford, with an average download speed of 1.98Mbps, we're flying it, with Wexford town achieving 16.2Mbps.

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