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It's a brilliant comment on the modern state of religion.Jesus has shown up in a number of terrific episodes.With South Park: The Fractured But Whole about to be released, we're looking back at what's made the series so iconic over its impressively long run and decided it was a good time to refresh our list of the Top 25 South Park Characters. Kyle's uber-protective mother has been a constant source of overbearing parental influence and has become the epitome of family-oriented outrage.

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But first, the macabre little outcast must deal with the social pressures of conforming at school, fitting in, and dealing with bullies (particularly jibes from Cartman which include "Who cut your hair, Stevie Wonder? With the ultimate fight taking the form of a boxing match, the locals hot tail it to the bookies to place their bets on Jesus - that is, until the weigh-in takes place and it's revealed the Devil weighs almost three times as much as the lord and saviour.

At once, everybody in the town changes their bet to back Satan - everybody except one person, the identity of whom remains a mystery for now.

But the flappy head affliction that plagues the Canucks in South Park works for Ike, and makes him even cuter.

But don't let that adorable baby voice fool you – this kid is far from innocent.

He even had an affair with his teacher in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy".

Ike was the first to claim the title of TV's most badass toddler, long before Stewie Griffin came around.

Why would the Devil come to earth simply to screw a few people out of some money?

Does the Prince of Darkness really need our Earth money?

However, he does eventually throw a punch - a weak, puny, ineffective punch.

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