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We’re very fortunate in that Greg Annandale, one of the Foundation’s developers, is also a very talented (and very well-travelled) photographer, and he has kindly allowed us to use some of his work as desktop pictures for PIXEL.

There are 16 images to choose from; you can find them in /usr/share/pixel-wallpaper/, and you can use the Appearance Settings application to choose which one you prefer.

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It was a nice reminder of my days learning to program in BASIC on the Sinclair ZX81; nowadays, everything from your TV to your phone has pixels on it, but back then it was a uniquely “computer-y” word and concept.

I also like crosswords and word games, and once it occurred to me that “pixel” could be made up from the initials of words like Pi and Xwindows, the name stuck in my head and never quite went away.

So PIXEL it is, which now officially stands for “Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight”. The latest set of changes are almost entirely to do with the appearance of the desktop; there are some functional changes and a few new applications, about which more below, but this is mostly about making things look nicer.

The first thing you’ll notice on rebooting is that the trail of cryptic boot messages has (mostly) gone, replaced by a splash screen.

Some users reported issues with syncing their Google accounts in Chromium.

This has been traced to a set of outdated Google API keys included in the version of the browser shipped in this image.

But I had no idea where to start in terms of changing Raspbian.

I clearly had a bit of a learning curve in front of me…

To get all the fixes, open a terminal and enter: It was just over two years ago when I walked into Pi Towers for the first time.

I only had the vaguest idea of what I was going to be doing, but on the first day Eben and I sat down and played with the Raspbian desktop for half an hour, then he asked me “do you think you can make it better?

Do have a look through them, as Greg’s work is well worth seeing!

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