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” He smiled, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling at you. She started to unbuckle his belt and took them off saying ‘home is where the pants aren’t’ as she started to- Okay! You giggled and as a teaser, took the mouse from him and clicked images. He turned to his computer and opened a new Google tab. “Mark picked her up and plopped (f/n) down on his bed kissing her deeply. You looked down to notice, the slight bulge in his pants. I set everything up, but do you want anything before we get on it and most likely drunk? “You hush, you goofball.” You couldn’t stop smiling and your face was completely red from being drunk and his sudden compliment. Which wasn’t a total lie, you secretly were turned on by all the fanfics of your dirty fans. You reached his room where you took off his shirt and he took off yours, you pulled him in for a kiss by tugging on his pants pulling him closer.

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Mark Anderson dad Connie Anderson mom Ginger Anderson grandmother Chelsea Anderson sister Brody Anderson brother Jesse Anderson brother Mackenzie Anderson sister Angelina Anderson twin Erica Anderson sister Maisy dog Alana is the Girly Girl of the Family she hates to be mean and is caring to others shes .close to her twin Angelina Anderson mother father siblings and grandmother shes been dating braydon trent for 3 years ansd 7 months Alana is a cheerleader she likes dressy outfits and jeans sometimes skirts and dresses Alana and Angelina have a close bond they are twins.

Braydon is alanas boyfriend theyve been dating for 7 months sse Blana.

Sure enough, on the normal search there were many fanfics of you two, mainly smut. Mark even opened one and read it aloud as best he could with his drunken slur.

Eventually you could feel him tensing up, about to cum.

His hands reached for your breast groping with his large palms. You nodded.(A/N: I loved the idea of this, where it was the fans fault that they got together, and also got into the idea of Lemon so don't judge me Enjoy~ ) Coffee - Markiplier x Reader A/N - Author's Notes F/N - First Name You yawned, and stretched in your chair. He didn't seem to change his reaction, but he listened.

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