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If they are two (visibly) different people but both claiming to be the 'real' whatever-position-would-be-relevant (captain, mother, president, owner, etc), see Judgment of Solomon.

A more comical subversion is when the imposter looks nothing like the person they are imitating, but people still act like they are identical, even if they haven't bothered with a Paper-Thin Disguise.

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Here is a sample of one of my daughter’s practice pages.

Notice how she worked on one set of words several times, over several days and how she numbered each set accordingly.

However, the word lists are great and I use them starting with level A at about 3rd-4th grade. You might ask why I didn’t care for IEW’s Phonetic Zoo spelling cd’s? First the speaker says the word, then the child writes the word on their paper. After that the speaker will spell each word correctly for the child.

All you need to purchase is the Zoo cards which are modestly priced at $7 per level. The speaker repeats each word twice while the student writes the correct spelling beside the original spelling from the first time around.

The child may do this with as many words as he likes until the timer goes off, which is normally set for 5 minutes.

The child will then file his practice page behind the Practice Pages divider.

This is often parodied these days where the imposter suggests it, knowing they'll assume the noble act to mark them out as the original — and sometimes double-parodied when this ends up outing him as the fake since the real person wouldn't be so noble.

In videogames, often the two clones will be desperately attempting to beat the crap out of each other while the player struggles to figure out a means of telling them apart, often with one tackling the other, punching him a few times until the pair rolls over and the person on top switches, ad nauseam (which conveniently allows a very short looping animation to represent the whole fight).

Each lesson is repeated until the student scores 100% twice.

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