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He started to spin records in the middle 90s playing extreme hardcore and speedcore at various underground gabber-parties in Moscow.

Under the alias Peter Flow, his tracks became a DJ favorite on a global basis and collaborating with singer Sherrita Duran, in which they released “Get Love,” on Dnx76 Records.

Making the DJ Charts in specialized boutique shops online, Peter continues to express his inner emotions taking him literally on a "house trip." Peter Flow’s tracks continue to get early bird support and feedback from world renown DJ's, making him one of Italy's most sought after producer in the electronic dance music world.

"X" means anonymous, nobody is relevant in the band. "X" it's also in the name because is the letter which always begins the ID card of inmigrants in Spain.

It's such a mark with the spanish state classifics people in groups for his use and values.

His works attempt to combine field recordings, dronescapes and microsounds.

He leads the CD / tape label [l=Sounds Against Humanity].

The magic very soon occurred on the parisian underground scene, leading Cosmo and his band to record their debut album, an energetic collection of soulful pop tunes, finally released in 2010 with a fantastic video for its main single "I'm Only Playin' With Ya".

Getting back to his roots, Cosmo's back in 2014 with his own unique blend of old school power pop and 80s electrofunk, secretly produced with keyboardist pal Julien Baril, surrounded with a female only crew of musicians. Contact: [email protected] duo consisting ot the twin sisters Siv and Maj Larsson born May 31, 1930, in Södertälje. Was originally named [a=Eddik] (with Tommy Strøm on bass), but changed their name to Abra Kadavra around 1990.

David Barrington aka Phones Sportsman was a founder member of '70s UK punk band Swell Maps. He didn't produce another piece of music until 2008 when he brought out two CD albums on the Topplers label.

Sadly Phones has now sold his instruments and retired for good from the music business. Sustayne (Andrew Doig) is a Sound Designer, Composer, Producer, Mastering Engineer, Live Sound Engineer and a DJ, living in Brighton and making a lot of noise wherever he can!

Working alone or collaborating with other producers he writes uk hadcore, freeform and hard dance tracks. Petersburg record labels "Klubbdance DJs" and "KDK Records" DJ H-Blast launched a series of mixed CD compilation "Hardcore Elements" wich includes tracks by russian and foreign producers and mostly represent modern hardcore scene in Russia.

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