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Whatever the truth of igos origin, it is probable that his territorial authority was limited and that 9th century Navarre was not a fully-fledged state in the modern sense of the term.

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The description of the Iiga dynasty in the Codex starts with igo "Arista" and his children.

The chapter which follows deals with the Jimena dynasty, stating that Garca Jimnez and igo Jimnez were brothers without mentioning their father.

Garca Jimnez succeeded as ruler of Pamplona in [858].

A glance at the chronology of the early generations of the Jimena dynasty in Chapter 1.

The Iiga dynasty led Navarre until 905 (see Chapter 1. However, their position was challenged by Garca Jimnez who was accepted as ruler in Pamplona from [858] to [885], Garca's descendants emerging definitively to lead Navarre from 905 until they were replaced by the kings of Aragon in 1076 (see Chapter 1. , a series of texts probably written shortly before 992 almost certainly in Navarre itself.

The Codex does not resolve the question of a possible common origin of the two rival dynasties, the Iiga and the Jimena, which are dealt with in two different chapters in the Codex.It assumes that the Codex simply omits all details of the intervening generations between the two individuals allegedly named Garca Jimnez, and that it conflates the two into one by mistake in the first paragraph of the second chapter.The possibility of such a mistake cannot of course be excluded.This requires us to believe that the mention of igo Jimnez in the second part of the Codex is completely unrelated to igo "Arista" in the first part.The genealogical section of the Codex is grouped into six parts, each dealing with a distinct family.Our knowledge of the early history of Navarre is limited, but it is not impossible that these so-called "kings" were little more than local leaders who commanded allegiance in very restricted geographic areas and that several such unrelated chiefs emerged in different parts of the territory at the same time, the extent of their authority over the others fluctuating over time. The Libro de Regla is an extremely confused document. In any case, it is not possible to reconcile the names of the early kings which it records with other primary sources.

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