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You don't need to be much of an amateur psychologist to realise that Davis sought from his audiences, and professional associates, the love he never got from his mother.He was constantly bombarding people with over-the-top gifts of jewellery, recklessly spending what he didn't have, and borrowing heavily from Mafia-connected club owners to make up the difference. Having lost an eye in a car accident, he was back on stage, and as dazzling as ever, within months.He was a man who never seemed to know who he was, or what he really wanted, beyond the applause of an audience.

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Everyone on this list can trace their Satanic lineage back to The Black Pope in one way or another. The flamboyant pianist was – for a time, at least – a Satanist. Fortunately, those two things are both kind of super rad.

While the Church of Satan went largely quiet since La Vey’s death, the Satanic Temple has actually been picking up steam in recent years. In fact, he was one of the earliest members of the Church of Satan, as well as being a personal friend of Anton La Vey, and one of a number of high profile adherents to his infernal gospel. 1) He was in Soft Cell, which did an amazing cover of “Tainted Love” that I’ve loved ever since hearing it on a commercial for Levi’s wide leg jeans (that I then went out to buy), and 2) He was inducted into the Church of Satan by fellow musician and friend Boyd Rice.

Sammy Davis Jr appeared on stage with these old hoofers from the age of four and was carrying the act by the time he reached his teens.

He was admirably loyal to them both, remaining a part of the trio long after he could have been a solo star.

His best years were already behind him, but I will never forget the energy he brought to the stage - remarkable for a man who was then approaching 60 - or his desperate desire to be loved.

There was something verging on the unseemly about his manifest need to knock the audience's socks off. He was a spot-on impressionist, and a more than proficient singer.I must confess my heart sank a little when I saw the size of this great slab of a book.Who could possibly need more than 500 closely printed pages on an entertainer who died almost 15 years ago, and is perhaps best remembered today for being the often-humiliated black member of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack?But Davis couldn't keep away from what many viewed as forbidden fruit.White girls on black silk sheets, says Haygood, was Sammy Davis's idea of the American dream.The famous convert to Judaism (he converted in the mid-Fifties) even took up with Satan worshippers.

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