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It’s not unsubtle, but it doesn’t exactly give it’s tell right away.

But it gives with one hand and takes with the other, as new character and “not-at-all-suspicious” transfer student Reima Tenmyoji is not only sponsoring and in charge of the Festival, but is also the man Usgai is engaged to.

Nothing about the chance meeting between the two in the show even tries to suggest that this isn’t subversive and terrible.

Usagi needs to have her own agency, not just a “best effort for the MC to take over and finish it”.

They have a pretty decent, “enemy within” situation going down, and it’s looking to be quiet intriguing.

Then we pretty much move onto the fait accompli; or in anime-language, “it can’t be helped”. And I do love some ecchi comedy, as you will soon see…I especially love how the three other girls had their own unique reactions, Ikaruga’s “I wanted this to be a threesome” reaction being the best.

This was pretty much pure ecchi harem, with all the built in over-reactions brought on by unsaid plans or situations. Or to set out a spare shirt for her while you’re on the phone with the others? But this brings us to the nitty gritty of the episode and that is the Usagi Rescue Mission.

She has that insight that Usagi wants to be called Usagi as it let’s her have a semblance of a normal life, in addition to knowing that the sniper’s trademark headband is a keepsake.

She also loves to tease like anything when it comes to love.

Walkout lower level has HUGE family room, guest room and more.

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Very often begins with a dialog box on an otherwise empty black screen, which fades in to reveal the hero in bed after the person speaking has yelled at him to wake up a few times.

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