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Alex describes how he would structure a fund to make the money untraceable, but makes it clear that he is not offering his services to Semiyon.

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At work, Alex receives emails alerting him to an article alleging links between Russia and Godman Capital, his investment firm.

Alex meets with his colleagues, Sandrine and Karin, to discuss damage control.

Vadim Kalyagin arrives for a meeting on the Arabian peninsula.

A young woman enters a stall in a shopping bazaar and removes her hijab, revealing street clothes underneath.

Boris introduces Alex to three Russian associates who he’s having a meeting with. Alex flees, locks himself in the cellar and calls Oksana. Joseph gives Alex a business card for Kleiman Holdings with a sim card attached.

He hears her doorbell ringing in the background and instructs her to push the panic button, scaring off the intruder. At home, Dmitri laments to Alex that he was asleep in his bed while his brother was murdered. In the car, Alex tells Rebecca that Dmitri was not involved in Boris’s affairs. Afterwards, he calls Joseph using the secret sim card.

Vadim limps out of his hospital room with two bodyguards.

One of Vadim’s men tortures a source into revealing the name of Vadim’s assassin.

When Alex balks, Semiyon points out that Vadim will assume Dmitri was part of the assassination plot and suggests that Alex personally meet with Vadim to beg for his father’s life.

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