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Once the cast credits appear, the background changes to amorphous, swirling, mainly black/ white/ grey shapes. It is his first time back since the events that split him, Spud and Simon apart.

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Spud, after getting his life together, has seen it all unravel, to the point that he is suicidal.

Simon is running his father's loss-making pub, in between bouts of blackmail.

The top 10 metros for millennials are inland metros with relatively low rents, primarily located in the Midwest and South. 1 Pittsburgh tops the list of the best metros for millennials, with high marks for jobs and affordability. Affordability concerns keep other pricey coastal metros such as Washington, D. Additionally, Riverside renters give the metro low marks for safety, dating and parks and entertainment.

The city earns higher than average livability scores, with renters particularly satisfied with the city’s low crime level and options to date and make friends. Two other California metros — Sacramento and Oxnard — also score low due to a high cost-of-living, relative to wages..

Devastated by deindustrialization and the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s, Pittsburgh has been undergoing a revitalization. 10 Minneapolis — also make the top 10 metros for millennials. 3 Madison, home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earns top scores for dating and entertainment and has reasonable rents and low millennial unemployment rates. 5 Columbus offers a stronger job market than most neighboring Midwest metros, more affordable prices than coastal metros and a lively restaurant, bar and music scene. Connecticut, including the Bridgeport and New Haven metros, is struggling to attract young workers.

The city has moved away from factory jobs and today attracts young, educated workers. Midwest metros lose points for their weather, but for millennials willing to stick it out through cold winters, these metros offer a great option for settling down. Corporations are leaving Connecticut, and the population has been shrinking for three straight years, with Apartment List measures livability scores, using renter satisfaction scores from our national survey in four categories: weather; access to parks community activities and nightlife; opportunities to date and make friends; and safety and low crime rates.It wasn't just about drug addiction but friendship and, ultimately, about a crime caper and betrayal.Directed by Danny Boyle, who directed Trainspotting 1, Trainspotting 2 doesn't have the grimness of the first movie, as the drug addiction side is hardly a factor.Very funny at times, with a good plot and some interesting themes.American Media: Russian Newspapers, Magazines, Business Directories (Russian Yellow Pages) and City's Guides, Russian Internet (the most popular Russian websites and web-portals), Radio Stations and TV - each advertisement in Russian Newspaper, Russian Magazine, Russian Business Directory, Russian Internet (Russian Website), Russian Radio, Russian Television (Russian TV) is working for your Business!!! Properties (Logo, Images, Photos, Texts of the Presentations and so on) of each Media or other businesses represented on this website and are NOT owned by MASTER PAGE.In the scenes shot around the "Port Sunshine" pub you see local Scotrail electric trains running past, (the actual pub is in Clydebank), but they have dubbed the sound of high speed express diesel trains. Smith (as Lawrence Smith) Courtesy of Smile COmmunications & Profile Records Ltd./Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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