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The intervention of Gabriel in ordering the various verses in Islamic history is meant to guarantee not only the sanctity of the individual verses, but the religious validity of the organization of these verses in the Qur'an.The Qur'an was an oral text throughout the lifetime of Muhammad; it was also a fluid text.

The God of Islam is both a stern judge and endlessly forgiving; obedience to God wipes away all transgression.

This submission, however, must be fully and rationally given; faith (iman ) is a rational consent to the truth of the word of God.

These verses were expunged from the text that so many had memorized.

After the death of Muhammad, the text of the Qur'an was written down in the caliphate of Abu Bakr.

Second, the expansion of Islam swelled the ranks of the faithful.

Many of these new converts spoke other langagues and the original Arabic of the Qur'an began to corrupt.The order of the surahs, however, does not reflect the chronological order of the Quranic verses, nor does the surah structure reflect the nature of the original Quranic revelation.During his lifetime, Muhammad would have individual verses revealed to him; these revelations occurred unexpectedly and in surprising places.The Qur'an (in Anglicized form: Koran ) is certainly the greatest literary work in classical Arabic and for all Muslims stands as the definitive word of God (in Arabic: Allah ) spoken to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel.When reading the Qur'an , you should realize that, for all Muslims, the text you are reading is quite literally the voice of God; because the Qur'an is the direct speech of God in Arabic, translation of the work is seen as blasphemy, as an unforgivable tampering with God's own speech.In Islamic accounts of the history of the Qur'an , this oral text was entirely faithful to the original verses — this is entirely possible, but Western historians generally agree that some corruptions must have produced slight variations throughout the Islamic world.

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