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You can choose to leave it off or turn it on after you’re done editing.

Just like any other thing used in the professional world, you wouldn’t want your Linked In profile to have any sort of grammatical or spelling errors.

So then I tried searching for her by her first and last name.

I found her, but when I try to click on her profile, I get the same “You and this Linked In user don’t know anyone in common.” This is definitely different, because previously, if you searched for someone by their first and last name you could see their full profile even if you weren’t connected to them, presumably because Linked In assumed that if you had someone’s full name, you likely knew the person.

I thought this whole experience was odd, so I decided to do some additional exploration.

Next I performed a simple title search of “recruiter” within Linked In (free version) and I filtered the results for “3rd Everyone Else” – here’s a screenshot of some of the results: Notice that Linked In shows that Elissa is a 3rd degree connection of mine, yet when I click on Elissa’s profile, Linked In then claims she is a 1st degree connection (nice bug, yes Irina? Also, look what happens when I try to look at someone I share a group with – if I click on this person: I get the familiar “You and this Linked In user don’t know anyone in common,” Then I found a 3rd degree connection with whom I also share a group: So I then went into the group to search for him and I was able to find him, also verifying that I can still send messages to group members who haven’t closed that door.

Here are 10 things you can do to enhance your Linked In profile for a more professional look.

Recommended Reading: 10 Linked In Groups For Web Designers A Linked In profile is similar to a work resume, where you display your past education information, work experience, skills, current work position and profile picture.I am not sure if Linked In is simply suffering from technical difficulties or if Linked In is making changes to reduce free people search functionality and utility in order to prompt more people to pay for premium accounts (or if their tinkering for the latter is causing the former! Have you noticed any changes to your ability to view 3rd degree profiles inside of Linked In and your ability to use Google and Bing to X-Ray search for public profiles or am I alone?Regardless of whether you are in business, trying to put your startup on the map, new to the working world or focus mostly on non-profit work, Linked In is a very good networking tool to help you achieve your professional goals.Click on that and another overlay window will appear allowing you to uncheck the option.After saving these changes, other users won’t be able to see every detailed profile update you’ve made.This was a sound assumption and solid user functionality for non-recruiters going to Linked In to search for friends and current/past colleagues.

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