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Read more: Gay aversion therapy and “cures” for homosexuality: British psychiatrists respond to decades of abuse​Hill-Perry began dating women at 17, and later regularly attended gay clubs as well as the Pride parade in her home city.

In 2008 she claimed God spoke to her, prompting her to leave her girlfriend at the time.

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A protester challenged her by responding from the crowd, “That doesn't sound like self-denial to me; it sounds like self-immolation,” according to a Sophia Roosth, a history of science professor at Harvard, told the outlet she protested at the lecture because she wanted students to know they can have a “life that is both queer and religiously fulfilling.”Prior to the talk, around 200 people signed a petition calling for it to be canceled. Louis, is outspoken about claims her religious beliefs stopped her from acting on her sexual attraction to women.

Signatories accused Hill-Perry of carving out a career based in “homophobia and ignorance under the guise of a journey to faith,” and spreading “hateful beliefs.”Describing Hill-Perry’s story as “compelling,” HCFA co-presidents Scott C. Hill-Perry’s website states that she was “saved from a lifestyle of homosexual sin.”Hill-Perry is not believed to have undergone so-called "conversion therapy," the idea that a person can be "cured" of homosexuality, which is promoted by certain religious groups."Conversion therapy" has been widely discredited by mainstream medical and mental health organizations.

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