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I am surprised he has sex with you at all - however I know many gulen followers later start to dislike the movement, and try to find new world views for themselves, although they cant't/won't disattach themselves from the gulen community altogether.They seem to be having an inner clash of Eastern/Western values.

Overall, he is from a very different culture (compared to the Turkish culture and the US culture) and I'm not sure you two will work out to be honest.

He probably won't change anytime soon, and should you two decide to marry, I can almost guarantee that his family will try to convert you to Islam.

I say fuck him, there's plenty of exotic fish in the sea.

I'm not too fond of stereotypes, but he sounds like a typical Kurtcu/Gulenist guy.

Their families tend to be huge, and they are usually poor, so one of their kids dying is not too big a deal for them (I know a few families like that).

Kurd mothers and fathers also tend not to show too much affection for their kids, and they usually send their kids to work during the summer once they turn like 10.

Here's a guy who was born into a highly patriarchal and dysfunctional family, who claims to be a communist and yet nonchalantly displays male-chauvinist behavior, who—like any other pragmatist—is probably more engrossed in improving his socioeconomic status than anything else.

From the looks of it, he's got you by the metaphorical balls and managed to create a low investment, high return relationship.

They come from kurdish families, happen to be communist during their college career (until they land their dream job, then the sweet $$$ seems to make them forget who Marx was), are sympathetic to the PKK terrorism (even though they might not openly admit it), and blame the Turkish republic all the time. Most public boarding schools in turkey are free, and considering that he is going to college in US even though no one in his (apparently poor) family has been to college, I'm going to take a leap of faith and say that he went to a private boarding school of the Fethullah Gulen movement (look it up, it is an islamist organization with millions of members, and a huge political force in Turkey.).

I'm guessing he was successful and got a scholarship for HS, and after that he got a scholarship for undergrad in the US (not a small feat), and now he hangs out among the Gulen followers in the US (gulen himself is in Pennsylvania ). Their organization is especially active in the east coast.

This is fairly common, and also appears to be your case (you say that he has weird/contradictory world views).

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