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COCC is pleased to announce we have partnered with a new refund provider, HEARTLAND/ECSI.

Please log into your student account and sign up for a refund method.

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Orgon orgon dating method

Sign up at least a week before the term starts to ensure that your selection can be processed in time so that any refunds you may have on file for the term will be delivered via your method of choice. Your refund choice will apply to all future refunds.

You can change your refund method as often as you like, but be sure to allow at least one week for the change to be processed.

For help signing up, to change from an electronic refund method to a paper check or if you do not receive your funds, please call ECSI Support at 1-844-700-0134.

Can I use my debit card number to set up direct deposit? You must use your bank account and routing number printed on the bottom of your check.

Eske came in 2004, took samples and went back to Oxford. Then he finally called me and asked, “How old are these samples?

” and I told him some could be more than 14,000 years old.

I ended up teaching at the University of Oregon Archaeology Field School at the behest of my dissertation chair, C.

Melvin Aikens (emeritus professor of archaeology from the University of Oregon). I visited there with a tour in 2002 and was ready to tackle a problem—between Cressman and his critics—to find out who was right.

What you have is an incredible assemblage of artifacts, baskets, charred food, deer, and antelope bones and used obsidian.

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