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However, if your gut is squirming at the thought of being with this person, telling you that you could be making a big mistake, then run with it.

Ultimately, it’s you who has to make this decision, and live with it, so you need to be sure.

Yes, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that lead to cheating, but that person still chose to be unfaithful to their partner, and they haven’t faced up to that.

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If you’re the kind of person who believes that the past stays in the past then you should have the faculties to deal with this situation.

However, if you are someone who constantly worries whether your other half is being faithful, then the added knowledge that they cheated in the past will likely eat away at you.

READ MORE: New dating app ‘Hater’ brings people together over shared aversions But as an outsider looking in, what should you do if you catch someone cheating on their partner online?

Heide says you should let the person who is being cheated on know as soon as possible.

Of course, you have to assume they’re sincere – which can be tough with someone whose fidelity you doubt – but if this is the case then they are demonstrating necessary self-awareness.

However, if they make excuses for what happened – ‘she didn’t love me’, ‘he didn’t pay me enough attention’ – then you should be wary.WATCH: How to navigate the world of online dating And it’s really easy for those who fall into the latter category, in particular.“The number one reason apps are the main tool for cheaters is convenience,” Heide explains.“In a few minutes they can be up and running, and finding someone who hopes that what they’re saying is the truth.”.X Heide says there are two types of cheaters on apps like Tinder and Bumble: those looking for “hopeful” people and those who are just looking for sex.“Hopeful” people want commitment and intimacy, but they also make easy targets for cheaters.These daters may believe what the cheater is saying is truthful, and end up having sex with them to create an intimate bond.It will be hard for you to judge this if you haven’t known the person long, but look for clues in the choices they’ve made.

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