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This contrasts with the normal wafers, where the EEPROM chip can only indirectly be programmed using a technique known as "through-PIC". Second, they can be made from standard electronic parts by the hobbyist.

Schematics/layouts are downloadable at many internet sites and the chips needed are standard PICs and EEPROMs, available from normal electronics suppliers. More details on programmers --------------------------- Most but not all programming devices work through the serial port using a standard serial cable.

If you are working with plastic cards, you MUST have a Phoenix/Smartmouse device, since that is the only device which can program the embedded EEPROM.

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More details on suitable cards ------------------------------ Basically there are three main types.

(1) Wafer cards These are the traditional plastic credit-card type.

The word "wafer" itself arises from the fact that they are wafer thin. They used to be in service for decrypting D2MAC analogue channels, and were known as Multi Mac I (MM1) cards.

"Goldwafer" is a card that contains 2 chips: one PIC and one EEPROM. For example, the 24LC16 where the "L" indicates "low power consumption". Schematics for such cards exist on the internet, some are now also being sold ready-made, and the special master/slave versions of the files to be loaded are also now widely available.

The higher speed of 6.00MHz is ok for modern MOSCs but can damage wafer cards.

Not all such devices have a 3.57MHz oscillator - some only have a 6.00 MHz.chips whose pins are soldered onto the surface of the card rather than through holes.The chips are very low profile, so this card - like the wafers - fits into a CAM slot with the flap (if any) closed.Some (typically the more expensive models) work through the parallel printer port, using a bespoke cable.The required power-supply is typically 9v or 12v DC, delivering 300m A.They first became popular as auto-updating D2MAC analogue pirate cards, and were known as Multi Mac II (MM2) cards. In fact it doesn't matter what colour they are so long as they contain the right chips. This is NOT ok, since it contains insufficient RAM memory to hold the files that will be loaded. "Triple-wafer" cards contain 2 PICs and one EEPROM. "Fun-cards" are also now available, which not only have a different internal configuration, but also use a different chipset (eg an Amtel AT90S8515 with a 24c65 EEPROM) (2) SMD cards - Surface Mount Devices.

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