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It is a no-brainer, your Moldovan woman you are dating will clearly need much more time for the procreation process to transpire successfully, hence one would expect her to be much more discerning in her liaisons and in her choice of a life partner.

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You will need to honor certain dating and mating rituals to come into possession of your ultimate prize – the Moldovan woman who will store and multiply your genes.

Moldovan ladies are somewhat different from Russian brides, but the core values remain the same - family, church, husband, children.

Why are Moldovan ladies expecting Western men to fly over to their capital to marry them?

Why do we often get so cynical when we see Western men courting Eastern European women?

You are looking for these signs when dating Moldovan women thinking you are looking for love and beauty, but in fact you are looking for a proper storage tank for your genes.

It is a rather cynical approach to the overall process of dating ladies, but it doesn’t negate its true philosophical value.

You probably don’t realize this when dating Moldovan brides, but actually it is a two-way traffic.

Our vehicles full of elated love emotions and genes travel in both directions. In the past the role of a woman was to give birth to a baby, to breast-feed and to rear this child.

Evolutionary psychology can help us get a clue regarding this matter.

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