Midwest dating

Places at one end of the scale have a larger proportion of residents with passports and are looking for a well-educated, career-motivated partner to start a family with.At the other end of the scale are places with a larger proportion of users that have only a high-school education and/or a previous marriage.The results are not particularly surprising; small college towns top the list as the most liberal.

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These questions show us who you are — like your beliefs and interests — and what sort of partner you’re looking for.

I limited this analysis to questions that have been answered over 1 million times from 2014 to 2016.

Instead of making thousands of maps to show how frequently different MSAs gave every answer to each of the 626 questions, I used a statistical method called to find patterns in how questions were answered.

Factor analysis takes a dataset with a huge number of variables and automatically looks for patterns.

The factor analysis finds patterns based on which responses tend to co-occur in different cities.

We can interpret these patterns to inform personality scales, or traits.

And how did I determine that you have low sex drive or are super judgmental?

Well, it’s based on real data that describes the “typical resident”… You can skip ahead to the personality scale you’d most like to learn about with the links below.

For example, when the factor analysis recognized that members who answered , Drugs) rather than a map for each possible response to every question.

After running the analysis, we get a set of personality traits that describe how the residents of US cities differ from one another.

Or if you know what’s good for you, you’ll scroll down and read through the entire report that’s filled with data analysis and heat maps, because some of the data confirms stereotypes, while some has us questioning them even more.

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