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So it keeps the first digit for the new title but just changes/adds another digit afterwards.

For red dead and the new speculated title here its (Red dead Redemption 1 and the new title looks to be 112) which means that it is keeping in line with the formatting to make it a new red dead title.

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That kind of desire makes you see what you want to see. The page got updated so it's not there anymore, but I got one screenshot.

with only one follow up comment, so presumably the Rockstar website was down briefly then came back up.

I found it super interesting, and I can't wait for a new RDR title. I'm in the programming world and the OP is right. It's exactly what some programmers would do to prepare for data that is coming in the near future. Theres nothing wrong with allowing people to pay for shit normal people can get for free. And consider the amount of DLC GTA Online has received since release, do you honestly think half of that would have happened if they weren't making money on it?

This kind of DLC is a good thing, its the shit EA and Ubi are doing thats fucking wrong. Wow they added a new mode a new Adversary mode wow so amazing !

Often times web developers will pre-load the content into the page, but keep it hidden so that when they want the world to see the change they have only a few lines to add/remove.

So I went to their , showed all, and sorted alphabetically.

(Why is Max Payne 3's number not in this format if it came out in 2012? That game was announced in 2009.) (Why is GTA V's number a riff on GTA III's number and not GTA IV's? The theory isn't perfect, but stick with me)Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) - something on the page was directing to two game pages that don't yet exist. Remember that RDR is game 1 and RDR: UN is game 111.

So there are two game pages linked that follow the number format to mean they are associated with RDR.

When you try to visit those pages they 404, like the error says, but the fact that the error exists means there is code on the games list set up to direct to them when they do exist.

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