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"Administrative tasks account for nearly one-quarter of a doctor's day," Lamontagne said.

These studies and references frequently bear no disclaimer as to how the data was obtained.

Several scientists who have sought to use the Nazi research have stirred soul-searching about the social responsibility and potential abuses of science.

Medical templates embrace many healthcare spheres, particularly ambulance, psychological counseling, dentistry, pharmacy, pediatrics, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, weight loss, and others.

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Since the Nuremberg trials, our society has had to confront the reality that the Nazi doctors were guilty of premeditated murder masqueraded as research.

Professional modern medicine has had little difficulty condemning the Nazi doctors as evil men.

Anyone who dares suggest the historical lessons which can be learned from the Holocaust, or from the victims' suffering, risks being labeled a heretic or a sensationalist bent on distorting history for personal gain.

Many in the community seriously fear that insights might replace condemnation of the Nazi evil.

Most doctors enter the field thinking they'll be able to spend most of their time healing the sick.

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