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If you respect him, he will respect you, and hopefully that will lead to a long and happy relationship together, lasting much longer than a few dinner dates!

What are your thoughts on dating etiquette for women?

Yet here’s a dating no-brainer that continues to escape many people: Good manners matter.

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As Emily Post once said, “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.

If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” Building on that definition, here are three ways to mind your manners—and make the best possible impression—when dating: Place limits on your language.

The romanticism in a text message would have been lost, sending Elizabeth into the arms of (gasp! Because the cell phone, computer, and other electronics are such a big part of people's lives, they become a big part of the dating scheme.

People have become so dependent on technology that they don't know how to communicate with prospective dates other than through the cold touch of a keyboard.

That is never more detrimental than when we start a new romantic relationship.

As Goethe once said, manners are a mirror in which people show the world a “portrait” of themselves.

First of all, good manners are only the outward display of an inner mindset.

Treating each other with civility and respect requires far more than opening doors for a woman or thanking a man for picking up the dinner tab.

Here is some advice as your dating relationship gets more serious: The most important piece of dating etiquette for a woman is to be respectful of the man you are dating.

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