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This represents a reversal of the earlier policy of preventing exposure to infectious agents.

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In nearly 20 percent of VAERS reports, the first of eight listed side effects suggests central nervous system involvement.

Examining just the first of eight listed effects shows about 4,600 involving such symptoms as prolonged screaming, agitation, apnea, ataxia, visual disturbances, convulsions, tremors, twitches, an abnormal cry, hypotonia, hypertonia, abnormal sensations, stupor, somnolence, neck rigidity, paralysis, confusion, and oculogyric crisis. Asthma Prevention Program of the National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention At-a-Glance 1999.

Data in VAERS are too limited to answer such questions as this: Does SIDS occur on the day after hepatitis B vaccine with a greater-than-expected frequency? Are the autopsy findings different in babies who just received the vaccine (in other words, was SIDS truly the cause of death)?

The fact that the vaccine just happens to be given during the time period that babies are most likely to die of SIDS complicates the analysis.

ACIP recommendations frequently become mandatory through actions of state legislatures, or through state health departments to which legislatures have delegated such authority.

State policy is generally enforced by school districts, which set requirements for school attendance.Some children, as reported by ABC's 20/20, are being home schooled because they have not received all the required vaccines.Mandates have a profound effect on medical practice.If only one-tenth of the reactions are reported to VAERS, as is often assumed, there are about 4 serious adverse events for every 1,000 persons receiving vaccine. This is not an unreasonable estimate of the degree of underreporting with a passive reporting system. The issue of mandatory vaccines is becoming increasingly important: Dozens of Americans have given testimony to Congressional committees about adverse effects (including death) of vaccines, particularly in children; military personnel are being court-martialed for refusing required anthrax vaccinations; etc.

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