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The bill won unanimous approval and now heads to the House floor.In other action, the A & R Committee approved HB 169, which would fight gang violence by enhancing the penalties for those convicted of gang-related crimes as well as those who recruit young people into gangs.

“All too often, that person who knows is too afraid to speak up, as there’s a code of silence.

This bill would go a long way toward breaking that code of silence.” When asked if other states had similar legislation, Coursey said he was unaware of one, so Kentucky could be looked upon as a national leader on the subject.

School nurse or principal must select a qualified school employee to, under certain conditions, give a glucagon injection to a student with diabetes who may require prompt treatment to protect him or her from serious harm or death.

Provide the opportunity for children between the ages of five and 18, who have not graduated from high school to attend school and provide reasonable and desirable school transportation for such students.

Through the coordinating committee, verify that beginning teachers have completed the TEAM Program requirements for a provisional certificate and attest to that fact and that the teacher is eligible for the provisional certificate.

Provide the DCF commissioner, upon her request and for the purpose of investigating suspected child abuse or neglect by a teacher the board employs, any records the board maintains or keeps on file, regardless of another law (Allow retired teachers from the district who are not participating in Medicare Part A and B to continue participation in any group health insurance plan the district maintains for active teachers and charge retirees a premium no greater than that charged to active teachers for the same coverage.Immediately enroll or re-enroll a student transferring from either of the unified school districts (USDs) run by the departments of Correction and Children and Families (USD #1 and USD #2, respectively).Adopt written policies and procedures, approved by the school medical officer, if school board allows a school nurse or other authorized personnel to give students medicine or allows a student to self-administer medicine.She said one goal under the bill would be to give each child a sense of belonging and a trusted adult to go to, which could prevent shootings beforehand.“In over 80 percent of these horrible tragedies, someone has known that there was a plan,” she said.“It won’t 100 percent prevent these types of events, but at least if we have some mental health professionals in the school system, it would definitely be an advantage to foresee something like that going on.” The bill requires school districts to have one mental health professional for every 1,500 students. Lisa Wilner, president of the Kentucky psychological Association and a member of the Jefferson County Board of Education, also testified for the bill.

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