Liquidating distressed inventory

Via specializes in supplying resellers of all types (e Bayers, flea market vendors, discount store owners, exporters, wholesalers, etc.) with merchandise at a fraction of its original cost while helping liquidate excess and unwanted inventory from department stores, independent retailers, manufacturers, estate sales and more. In business since 2002, we have developed long-term relationships with over 30,000 wholesale liquidation buyers and have become a leader in the industry.

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Liquidate Now is a program developed by Via Trading to assist manufacturers, distributors, retailers & traders to liquidate their excess inventory.

With over 12 years of specialization in the liquidation industry, Viatrading and Liquidate Now offer unparalleled exposure for your goods both domestically and internationally to a database of over 130,000 wholesale liquidation buyers and a mailing list of 200,000 opt-in subscribers.

One way of thinking about the net asset value is that it is the underlying value of a company, not the value dictated by the supply and demand of shares or its market capitalization. India : Amendments to (i) the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016, and (ii) the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Fast Track Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate PCurrent developments (Part I: this two-part article provides an overview of current developments in employee benefits, including executive compensation, welfare benefits and retirement plan requirements.

Residential Liquidation offers a wide range of options when considering the best solution for clients that need to liquidate their estate or business assets quickly. We assess entire contents of estates and make offers on a few pieces to whole lots based on current market value.

leather_002_North Beach Leather is liquidating all its stores except the one on Grant Avenue in San Francisco, shown here. The company caters to a high-end customer base, which is reflected in its prices.

General assignment offers a company the option of avoiding bankruptcy through a more efficient and less expensive way to wind down operations, liquidate assets and distribute proceeds to creditors.

If successful, Pas said he plans to keep North Beach Leather open on Grant Avenue under a lease he has signed through January.

"We hope we will be able to work things out with the negotiations and keep a high quality of leather," said Pas, who has retained many of North Beach Leather's longtime employees.

"The consumer doesn't have to seek out specialty stores to buy leather goods." North Beach Leather's main rival, Wilson Leather, has experienced similar troubles and is closing 111 stores in 30 states.

It expects to liquidate more than million worth of inventory during the closings.

Residential Liquidation can help with Business Closeouts, Storage Unit Payoffs, Estate Buyouts, Estate Sales and Baby Boomer Downsizing.

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