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And actually see the countries you seem to look down upon.


And men don't take care of themselves - women end up being nurses when they feel like they're still in their best years.

For an older women (particularly one who has her own assets) to marry.

I would welcome him like a liberator at this point.

Apparently you need to move on to new topics all the time after you're completely unable to support any of the junk facts you've made up to support your meager "philosophy", which seemingly can be summed up in far fewer words than you've wasted repeating yourself.

Men's market value is linked to his earning potential.

They simply don't have the resources to attract and keep the younger more desirable ones.Your model is based entirely on the woman not working.I certainly gave no thought to marrying again after I left my marriage more than 40 years ago.Few men actually select women on actual fertility potential up front.Please read up on statistics and biology before posting more nonsense.And i wouldn't want to miss the hanging of Merkel and her friends.

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