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Police released a picture of the pair today (main image) with Ms O'Neill seen smiling despite a nasty gash above her eye and a bloody mouth.At the time of the horrific incident, Ms O'Neill was still celebrating the arrival of her child, with 'It's a girl' banners attached to her front door (left).

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It was bailiffs who found Nigel's body when they broke into to his home to repossess the property.

His daughter Jessica (pictured, with her father) has shared the note he left in which he described death as a 'relief' in the hope that debt collectors will show more compassion in their future dealings.

In a withering assessment that will ramp up fears of 'no deal' Brexit, Mr Barnier questioned whether the UK could be trusted to collect taxes on behalf of the EU.

He also hinted that Mrs May might be forced into even more concessions by domestic political pressures, jibing that the 'intense' debate in the UK was 'not over'.

The rampage took place in the northern German city of Luebeck with police saying a major operation is underway in the area. Police spokesman Duerk Duerbrook said the attack occurred in the Kuecknitz district of Luebeck.

Authorities were still trying to determine the circumstances of the attack.

If some very suspect social media flirting is to be believed, Jenny Slate and Chris Evans may have already gotten back together following their split earlier this year.

Claire O'Neill, 39, fought for her child, clinging to the door her Audi A3 sports car as thieves took it from her driveway in Birmingham (right) yesterday afternoon.

Justin isn't trying to be serious with anyone but Selena." If there's one thing we can count on in these tumultuous times, it's that Justin Bieber is always trying to get back with Selena Gomez.

Let's start with one that may already be in the works.

Viewers branded it 'toe curling' and ridiculed Munchetty when she asked him 'Why are butterflies so colourful?

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