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The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing previously collaborated with the One Love Foundation to create a web and mobile application that allows bystanders and survivors to take a “danger assessment,” giving users the ability to create a customized safety plan.

The app gives survivors and friends of survivors the ability to seek out resources or evaluate the severity of the relationship without going to someone in person, whether because of an inability to, or because of privacy or stigma concerns.

Since the launch of our Hopkins Local economic inclusion initiative in 2015, we have been committed to reporting our progress toward the goals we set: to spend more in Baltimore City and with women- and minority-owned businesses, and to create more job opportunities for city residents.

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"The king did marry his own daughter, princess Sit-Amun, and made her his great royal wife as Tiy became more elderly," Bryan said.

"Thus the statue could also represent Sit-Amun as queen.

"Tiy was so powerful that, as a widow, she was the recipient of foreign diplomatic letters sent to her from the king of Babylonia in hopes that she would intercede with her son on behalf of the foreign interests," Bryan said.

"Some indications, such as her own portraits in art, suggest that Tiy may have ruled briefly after her husband's death, but this is uncertain." For reasons relating to inscriptions found on it, the statue of the queen definitely may be dated to the late years of Amenhotep III's 38-year rule, Bryan said.

“For college-aged women, it’s sort of a completely different world,” Barnes-Hoyt said.

“When we look at the college student population, this is kind of an isolated world.” Barnes-Hoyt said the campus bubble amplifies the challenges that face would-be active bystanders and survivors of any age. Or the friend that’s trying to intervene shares the same social groups,” Barnes-Hoyt said.

This initial survey process will help the team evaluate how the app is working, and what other tools bystanders and survivors need to feel they can safely neutralize a dangerous dating situation.

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