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I can’t do it myself, I’m rubbish.” JM: “Doing absolutely nothing!

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When you get a nod from Lord Andrew Lloyd- Webber it just makes you feel slightly different about yourself.

I have a great deal of admiration for him and thank him for making me feel so wonderful playing that part. To be able to go out and belt out Memory every night on stage was amazing.” JM: “Get a really good make up artist (laughing).

I used to sing her song Lilac Wine and Don’t Cry Out Loud in the clubs and it always brought the house down.” JM: “It’s a nod back to the 70s and 80s when there was always a big Saturday night show on the telly where big stars came on to perform.

Lulu, Cilla Black and Tom Jones all had their own shows back then and the whole family would sit down and watch.

I am the most boring person you’ve ever met when I’m not working. I’m all glitzy on telly, then I come home and look nothing like that and am boring! We’ve all got our different careers but we do stay in touch.

I’m way out in the Yorkshire wilds so any spare days when I’m not working, I spend with Eddie, or my mum.

I thought she’d have an entourage but she just came in by herself and gave me a big hug and when she sang, she knocked it out of the park! In the first episode you see me meeting a lovely guy who is an instructor at a trampolining exercise class called Jiggy Jumps. I’ll dedicate songs to people whose families or friends have nominated them.

In the first episode there’s a lovely lady called Beryl who’s had a tough time since losing her husband. That’s the nature of the show, one minute we’ll have you crying your eyes out and the next we’ll have you up and dancing a disco medley.” JM: “It’s a joy to do, I go travelling the world and I have such a great team that work with me, it’s a real hoot.

Going to Mississippi was incredible, I went on a paddle steamer and it was like going back in time. And I’ve been to places I would never have imagined: Cambodia and Vietnam, Iceland where I saw the Northern Lights and went whale watching.

I would never have picked these places to visit myself so doing them for a TV show has been amazing and made me think why haven’t I thought about going here, or doing that before?

” JM: “The Fiji islands, the South Pacific because I’ve seen it on the telly.

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