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With all these cases, what type phenomena do you guys find people are most interested in? You have the core followers of Ghost Hunters who seem to love the ghost cases.

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JAEL de PARDO: Well, that particular case has a lot of history and there's definitely been a great deal of a speculation regarding that particular video.

There's a lot of mystery behind it and so much speculation as to whether or not White Sands Missile Range is connected to alien technology and reverse engineering and also a Roswell connection.

BH: Well, I'm much more methodical than most people.

When you're in law enforcement with evidence there's a chain of command.

So I think when they break it down and see what people love the most, they love a little bit of everything.

Do you think you will be going on the Ghost Hunters live Halloween show at Pennhurst?BH: Yes, both Jael and I have been invited, so, yes, we’re looking forward to it. Jael, do you feel that there's a big difference between the work you did with Destination Truth and the work that you do with Fact or Faked?Which one did you feel that you were probably more in danger doing?It wasn’t crucial to be at that particular place in order to carry out the experiments we did.We went there more to take in where the events took place and get a sense of all that.So we wanted to tackle a video that has been talked about so much.

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