Is chloe moretz dating christopher mintz plasse

Cast: Padraic Delany, Hugh Bonneville, Kuba Rudzinski Synopsis: 500 years ago, Martin Luther triggered a seismic upheaval that rocked the western world—with an impact that continues to reverberate to this day.

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During his confinement, he recalls the events leading up to his murderous plan and his reasons for deciding to take such drastic action.

Synopsis: Formerly a Korean resistance fighter, a policeman working for Japan is tasked with tracking down resistance leaders before they acquire explosives. Thomson Synopsis: The adventures of a young orphaned girl living in the late 19th century. Cast: Michael Gross, Markie Post, Tyree Brown Synopsis: Encouraged by his quirky grandfather, a young boy faces his fears at summer camp.

Cast: Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley, Grant Show Synopsis: With a new face poised to join the family, the Carringtons and the Colbys feud for control over their fortune—and their children’s lives.

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Robert Patrick, Jena Sims Synopsis: Based on the true story of journalist Gary Webb.

Synopsis: In this heart-wrenching documentary, a 28-year-old Ph D student turns the camera on herself to capture her struggles with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cast: Billy Campbell, Kyra Zagorsky, Mark Ghanimé Synopsis: A team of scientists are thrust into a potentially life-or-death situation when they arrive in the Arctic to secretly investigate what could be an outbreak of a strange disease in a secluded international research facility.

Synopsis: Following a tragedy, a mother and her teen son move to a relative’s vacant vacation home, where eerie and unexplained forces conspire against them.

Synopsis: Picking up where the film left off, Poppy and all the fun-loving Trolls adjust to living with their Bergen neighbors in this colorful animated series.

Cast: Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl Synopsis: An astonishing revelation about herself leads Vanessa to question her entire life story, while the battle to defeat Dmitri’s vampires rages on.

Synopsis: A retired vigilante leaves behind his quiet life as a school principal and returns to fighting crime in his New Orleans community.

Synopsis: The king of underground comedy takes the stage in Jacksonville with unflinching riffs on American politics and the raunchy perils of getting old.

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