Intimidating supervisor

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The employer must create a committee on decorum and investigation of cases on sexual harassment.

In the case of a work-related environment, the committee shall be composed of at least one (1) representative each from the management, the union, if any, the employees from the supervisory rank, and from the rank and file employees.

Thus, in holding and squeezing the victim’s shoulders, running his fingers across her neck and tickling her ear, having inappropriate conversations with her, giving her money allegedly for school expenses with a promise of future privileges, and making statements with unmistakable sexual overtones – all resound with deafening clarity the unspoken request for a sexual favor.

However, in sexual harassment cases, the acts complained of must be in consonance with human experience. Soriano, the Director for Market and Communications sued her superiors, which were the Senior Vice-President and Senior Executive Vice- President.

G-D1-107 About OHS Guidelines G-D1-108-1 Work Safe BC jurisdiction over operations involving Aboriginal people G-D1-108-2 BC Safety Authority G-D1-108-3 Labour Program – Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) jurisdiction G-D1-108-4 Fire safety and prevention G-D1-108-5 Jurisdiction over railways G-D1-108-6 Work Safe BC jurisdiction over helilogging operations G-D1-108-7 Jurisdiction over mines G-D1-108-8 Jurisdiction over marine operations G-D1-108-9 Jurisdiction over oil and gas operations G-D3-115(1) The BC Human Rights Code and responsibilities of employers G-D3-115(1)-2 Labour supply firms and client employers – Responsibilities G-D3-115(1)-3 Bullying and harassment G-D3-115(2)(f) Copy of the Act readily available G-D3-116 Orders to workers G-D3-119-1 Owner obligations – Public lands G-D3-124 Responsibilities of the persons/parties in a workplace G-D4-126-1 Variations in joint committee requirements G-D4-135-1 Joint committee course approval G-D6-152 Worker complaints of discriminatory action and failure to pay wages complaints G-D6-153(1) Determining if a discrimination complaint has been settled G-D7-156(1) Maintaining the confidentiality of information G-D9-164 Variance process G-D10-172-1 Work Safe BC notification of serious injuries G-D10-174-1 Participation by worker representatives in incident investigations G-D10-175-1 Preliminary incident investigation and interim corrective actions G-D10-176-1 Full incident investigation, report, and follow-up actions G-D11-179-1 Advance notice of inspections G-D11-179-2 Commencement of an inspection G-D11-179-3 Follow up inspections [Retired] G-D11-179-4 Use of equipment during inspections G-D11-179-5 Incident Investigations [Retired] G-D11-179(1) Work Safe BC Authority on a Public Road G-D11-179(3)(c) Use of Legal Sample Bags for samples collected by Work Safe BC officers G-D12-186.1-1 Compliance agreements G-D12-187-1 Worker orders [Withdrawn] G-D12-187-2 Order(s) where there is no violation G-D12-187-3 Protection of privacy in inspection reports G-D12-188(4)-1 Extension of implementation period G-D12-188(4)-2 Approvals, acceptances, authorizations, or permissions under the OHS Regulation G-D12-190 Orders to stop using or supplying unsafe equipment, etc.

G-D12-196.1-1 OHS citations G-D12-196-2 OHS penalties – High risk violations G-D15-214 Prosecutions: Board's practices for providing approval to lay an information in respect of an offence [Retired] ").

Damages resulting from sexual harassment may be separately and independently instituted.

In fact, the employer or head of office, educational or training institution shall be solidarily liable for damages arising from the acts of sexual harassment committed in the employment, education or training environment if the employer or head of office, educational or training institution is informed of such acts by the offended party and no immediate action is taken.

He would also whisper to the victim “Oy flawless, pumanaw ka met ditan” while twice pinching her upper left arm near the shoulder in a slow manner.

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