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My style in beauty looks is a bit more sweet & natural- good brows, lashes, rosy/bronzed cheeks and a rose pink lip, it’s my everyday look!

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) is pretty awesome, it really last all day without smearing and losing the color, the applicator is also very easy to apply!! ) URBAN DECAY CONCEALER LAURA MERCIER POWDER FENTY BEAUTY HIGHLIGHTER GEORGIO ARMANI LIPSTICK NYX LINER (OBSESSED WITH THIS!


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There are way too many good preparations to list here. Just remember seasoning and flavorings are important.

Try this recipe for salt baked potatoes with rosemary and roasted garlic.


) RMS BEAUTY (I forgot to include this in the collage but THIS little eye polish gives you the BEST smudge look and texture is amazing!

Cook 3-5 minutes until just tender (If you have real thin asparagus you can place them in a pan or heat proof dish.

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